Brand manifest

Imagine that our ethnic heritage is no longer important, that we will soon all be mixed. Nationalism will be considered to be something of the past. The only borders that exist are where the water begins and where the land mass ends. Cultures would not be limited to their groups and would be more organic, like a chameleon who adapts after will and context. Objects that reminds us of the beginning of this new intercultural era will be celebrated like family heirlooms and are proudly shown together in unity, because we and them could finally be the same.


MIX started as a frustration with the wave of dehumanizing views that have spread across the world. It developed into a project that allows a symbiosis of creativity and spreading awareness. Method Item X [MIX] will function as a platform of collaborations, as I believe, we evolve when we share ideas.

Streetwear is the first medium of choice, it’s in constant development and freely inherits cultural inspirations and is both unforgiving and welcoming.

  • Client


  • Role:

    Concept & Design

  • Photography:

    Daniel Stigefelt

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